Our Story: Opening a Business During a Pandemic

Many businesses in the United States were directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is nothing new for many of you, but it is noteworthy to mention just how we, the Casey Creamery, were able to open in the middle of the chaos.

In November of 2019, we purchased 103 East Logan, right here in Casey, IA to begin construction work and remodeling. At first we really had no idea what we really wanted to do, how long it would take and if people really would have an interest in a shop like ours in Casey. We began brain storming names, concepts and menu ideas. Eventually, Casey Creamery was born with the idea to satisfy everyone's inner sweet tooth and of course keep everyone caffeinated.

From November to June, it was all hands on deck (and yes, 100% hands on) to get our doors open. This included many trips to Des Moines for supplies, long hours of planning and of course tasting yummy things.

This time also included long days from making our menu to designing our social media's. We were working endlessly to bring the Casey Creamery to life. In just 7 short months, we were able to fully remodel a century old building into a fully functioning coffee shop and ice cream parlor with a great team of employees.

Our doors opened June 6th, 2020. Pretty much the best day ever. We had an overwhelming amount of support from our community, surrounding communities, other businesses and more. The first week we were open we sold over 90 gallons of ice cream - yep you read that right, 90 gallons. We were absolutely stunned by the response from our customers, especially during COVID-19.

During the summer months, we celebrated National Strawberry Sundae Day, National Root Beer Float Day, National Lemonade Day (fundraiser for ACGC sports), Creamery Fest, Nightmare on Logan Street, 25 Days of Creamery and Christmas in Casey. These have been another great piece of our success, and of course bringing another reason to celebrate, even if it is something small.

Since opening our doors in June, we have been able to successfully conclude that there is something sweet about a small town. This includes the people of course, because we would not be able to do this without you all. Each and everyone one of you have been apart of our success story thus far, especially during this crazy, chaotic time that we are living through.

From the Casey Creamery family, we thank you.

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