'Tis The Season for amazing holiday drinks, goodies and holiday movie marathons. Celebrate this holiday season with all of Casey Creamery's favorites. Great gift to send to loved ones, co-workers or just because. 


'Tis The Season Box Contains: 

  • One 12 oz 'Tis The Season Mug 
  • 1 12 oz Bag of Coffee (your choice in roast)  
  • 3 Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bombs
  • 1 8oz Soy Waffle Cone Scented Candle 


All orders will come with Hot Cocoa Bomb instructions and will be individually wrapped. Hot Cocoa Bombs are good for 2 weeks after receiving your order. Store in a cool, dry place to ensure freshness. 


For 2 or more shipping locations, please use seperate checkouts. 

'Tis The Season Box

  • First, place your Hot Cooca Bomb into your favorite mug. Next pour your choice of steamed milk (stove, microwave or espresso machine) on top of the Hot Cocoa Bomb. Watch the chocolate magic happen. Stir until all ingredients combined. 


    Video instructions on our Instagram @caseycreamery